Senator Jim Molan in Eden

Despite the ongoing activist campaigns against any form of native forest timber production, there has been significant investment in new processing capacity near Eden.
Logs that were once too small to economically process, can now be used to produce sawn timber.
Without future thinning of the thick postfire eucalypt, wattle and other understorey species, the state forests will be turned into the scrubby mess that makes up the twice incinerated areas of Kosciusko National Park and the more regularly incinerated sections of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area.

Senator Jim Molan is in Eden, New South Wales.

The wood and fibre industry in the Eden region has faced several challenges in recent years, so it’s great to be there today launching the new $1.1 million Eden Regional Forestry Hub on behalf of Senator Jonathon Duniam.
The hub will help support forest industries growth and innovation in the region, meaning more jobs and a boost for the local economy.
Congratulations to Mr Malcolm McComb on his appointment as the inaugural Chair of the Eden Regional Forestry Hub.